Physical Card: Thick Blanket and Sleep Mat*

Physical Card: Thick Blanket and Sleep Mat*

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This $20 gift provides enough seed leading to profit that can buy a thick blanket and sleep mat for a farmer living below the poverty line.

Par Mat’s Story

“Because of the Seed Bank programme, I was able to buy seed and fertiliser without going into debt, and sell the corn for a profit. Then I could pay for my children’s school fees, and donate to the village fund to bring electricity to my village. I’m very thankful for the donors who helped me and my family stay happily in my home, without losing my land to debt-collectors.”

Postage included is for standard non-courier post within NZ.  For urgent or overseas delivery please email us for other options.

*From working with poor farming families in Myanmar for more than 10 years, we know that items like rice, shoes, school fees and generators are urgently needed. Many poor farming families choose to purchase these items when they make a profit from taking a part in our Seed Banks programme. However, we cannot guarantee that these items will be purchased in every case, as it is up to the farmers to buy what they need most with the profit they make.

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