In rural Myanmar, farmers are extremely vulnerable to changing commodity prices. Selling crops at harvest time is a bad idea because the supply is high and the selling price is low.

However, farmers are often forced to sell at harvest time because they have no way of storing the crops. As a result, they end up with very little profit and even less to live on. Escalating debt and loss of land to money lenders ensues. Farmers are forced to work on their own land as debt slaves for corporate companies. This is called debt slavery.

Using a new technology called grain saver bags, we can help farmers store their crops for as long as is needed for up to five months. Farmers can withstand market fluctuations and can gain significantly more income by selling when the price is high. 

Grain saver bags provide an affordable, efficient alternative to the expensive, steel storage from Europe. Successful worldwide, the grain saver bag technology from Sweden has recently been introduced to Myanmar.

Our first trials yielded stunning results with more than 200% return on investment.

This programme works in tandem with our New Hope Seed Banks programme to free farmers from debt slavery.

With your help we can continue providing grain saver bags to poor farmers in Myanmar, so they can lift themselves out of poverty.