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Meet Nang Jiap

Against all odds, having been born in Jumjet, a poor community with few prospects for higher education and employment, Nang Jiap has gained a Master’s degree in Education.

Instead of choosing to make more money by moving overseas like many of her peers, Nang Jiap decided to stay in Jumjet and give back to her community. Today she is the principal of a new vocational school.

The school provides language and vocational training for young people, like agriculture and building. Nang Jiap believes that providing these kinds of educational opportunities to the students will better equip them to make an income and avoid dangerous work.

Jumjet is poor and there are few opportunities for employment. This is why many young people are forced to travel to neighbouring countries and seek better employment there, so they can make ends meet and provide for their families.

Having little education or vocational skills, many have no choice, but enter dangerous jobs like hard labour or prostitution.

“We cannot change the fact that we are incredibly poor. And that these children feel a responsibility to provide for their family, but if we can train them with various skills such as Thai language, English, Maths and various vocational skills these young people will at least be prepared and therefore not have to do the worst jobs available to them.”

This year Circuit International will be teaming up with Nang Jiap’s school. We will be helping the school provide training on growing and harvesting coffee beans. The coffee beans will then be sold on the international market. The purpose of this initiative is to raise incomes for people in Jumjet and provide more employment opportunities.