Promotional T-Shirts

Parn is a famous artist in Thailand. He’s our friend and has wanted to support the work of Circuit since we started. Parn made a one off special image of a Shan man and woman and has gifted this image to Circuit to raise money however we want. As a starting point we are taking pre-orders for printing of T-shirts . The motif for this promotion is “Love Changes Everything.” We believe this is a message for the very violent and dangerous world we live in. It is also the golden rule that we at Circuit live by. This T-shirt is available only in black with white design, but if it is popular enough, more may one day become available.

This image is available to be licensed for use from Circuit. Please contact us for details.

Wear this T-shirt to show your support for our work, but also to spread the message, that Love Changes Everything!

MEN’S T-Shirts do NOT have the cartoon on the back. We felt most men wouldn’t wear the image in NZ. Men’s T-shirts just have the motif on the front.

Love Changes everything Motif.png

Women’s T-shirts have the motif on the front and the art-work on the back.

Love Changes everything Picture Boy and Girl.jpg

Ordering T-shirts

Because this is a promotional T-shirt, we are only ordering them as they are requested. This means that delivery will not be immediate. Please do be patient, we’ll get them made beautifully and sent to you as soon as we can.

Please fill out the order-form below.