Sri Lanka bombing victims assistance

The Zion Church Batticaloa was one of the hardest hit churches in the recent Sri Lanka suicide bombings. A total of 29 people including 14 children were killed instantly,  when the bomb went off just outside the church just before the Easter Sunday service was about to begin. More than a hundred were wounded, many very seriously. The costs of treating these injuries involve transport to the hospitals in the capital. Many of these people are not wealthy and cannot afford treatment. 

The Pastor’s wife of the Batti Church has asked for help specifically for these 5 people:

1. Elissa Deborah. A 7 year old child, needing an eye transplant. 

2. Ranjith - (Father of Elissa) 39 years old. burnt. needs soft new bedding and adult diapers 

3. Girija - 35 years old female. Has a infant son and 3 more kids, still in ICU. She is really poor and needs long time assistance. 

4. Pristene - 26 year old Male with metal balls from the Bomb in his face. He needs financial assistance to get his surgery done. 

5. Susitha Suresh - 38 years old female. Complicated leg injuries, She needs to be brought to Colombo in a private Ambulance and she has an infant and the Father will also have to travel with them. - looking for help in paying for the ambulance plus expenses of kid and husband while in Colombo and other medical expenses. 


Ruth Corlett (our director) has been studying a masters degree with development leaders from all over the world for the last three years. One of her cohort students is connected with the Zion church. They have established a very reliable way for us to be able to send funds to assist the injured with their medical needs in this church. 

Although Sri Lanka is not located in our target mission area of Myanmar, we at Circuit felt that we should provide the opportunity for Kiwis to give to these people, especially given the empathy we have after our own Christchurch attacks.

If you would like to give to this need, please visit the DONATE pageand follow the instructions, and choose Sri Lanka Victims from that menu.

Circuit will not be taking any administration costs out of this giving so 100% of your gift will get there.