Our work is governed by a set of values— integrity, collaboration, and learning.

We believe these values are more than just aspirational ideas. From the kind of projects we involve ourselves in, to how we communicate with you, our supporter, our values are a blueprint for how we operate.

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We strive to do everything with integrity. We stand up for what we believe in and always speak up against injustice. We never take the easy way out. We always do what is right for the communities that we work in.

Most importantly, we deliver on what we promise. We are 100% accountable to our supporters, our board, our partners and the communities that we work in. If you have any questions about our projects, or are curious about how we do things, please get in touch. We would love to answer your questions.

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We see Circuit International and the communities that we work in as equal partners. Our local partners are the experts and know what they need to transform their lives and communities. Our ultimate belief is that it is “local leaders with local solutions to local problems who will end poverty.”  

Meanwhile, Circuit International staff are the ‘connectors’ between local people and the tools and expertise they need to make this transformation possible.



As the saying goes— “if you stop learning, you stop growing. “ Even though we have been working in international development for more than 10 years, we see ourselves as lifelong students. We always aim to improve and make sure to keep up with what is considered ‘best practice’ in international development. Most importantly, we listen to what our partners, our board, our supporters and the communities that we work in have to say. We learn from them and from YOU every day.


Statement of Faith

We believe that the world can be different when we follow the example of Jesus. We are a team of Christian believers. We believe that Jesus is God in human form, and that he was prepared to suffer to change the world. He is our prime example of how to live, and as a result:

  • We live to serve God and others.

  • We believe that all people are created equal and should be treated as equals.

  • We encourage communities to use their God-given wisdom to find solutions to their problems.

  • We aim to act with unconditional love in all of our partnerships.

  • Grace, forgiveness and reconciliation are cornerstones to our operations.

  • We always seek to understand.

We do not proselytise. We believe that living the way described in our statement of faith is enough. However, we are always willing to share our thoughts when asked.