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A hand-up - since 2007.

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Circuit International exists  to help communities solve their own problems.

We do this by connecting social entrepreneurs in the developing world to resources, technology and business know-how from some of the world’s experts with support and expertise from fellow Kiwis and others around the world.

Our ultimate belief
is that local leaders with local solutions to local problems will end poverty.  



With support and expertise from fellow Kiwis and others around the world, we have been running life-changing programmes across Southeast Asia for more than 10 years, enabling communities to create their own solutions for sustainable development.


Local Partners

We work through expert local partners, who are experts and know what their communities need to thrive.


Maximising Impact

Under 10% of the donations we receive go towards our admin costs, so more of your donations can go directly towards our life-changing projects.



We support the work of local communities to build social enterprises that help their communities.



Here are four great ways you can get involved:



We are constantly inspired by the resilience and ingenuity of people we meet in our partner communities. Here are some of their stories. 

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meet Nang jiap

Against all odds, having been born in Jumjet, a poor community with few prospects for higher education and employment, Nang Jiap has gained a Master’s degree in Education.

Instead of choosing to make more money by moving overseas like many of her peers, Nang Jiap decided to stay in Jumjet and give back to her community. 

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meet jao lao

Jao Lao is the type of person that commands instant respect. He cares deeply for his community and for over 30 years has led it through both good times and bad.

His life-long mission is to see his people prosper and thrive; a mission he is determined to achieve in his lifetime.