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Circuit International is a New Zealand founded organisation on the cutting edge of
business and development.

We believe in restorative enterprise – connecting people across cultures to grow businesses with justice for sustainable development. With help, expertise and donations from fellow kiwis, we’ve pioneered programmes across Southeast Asia providing a hand up, not a hand out – since 2007.


We see all people as capable of growing, developing, and problem solving.


A bit about us

Our Method

Circuit is about making connections.

We exist to help communities solve their own problems. We do this by emphasising the power of just and fair business, and aiming for sustainability. We enable communities to access resources and appropriate technology for sustainable development.

Our Values

Our values determine our actions.

Learn about what makes us tick and what we believe. Circuit International champions the intrinsic value of humankind and the equality of all persons. We celebrate the resilience and strength of humanity and ultimately our dependance and need upon Jesus Christ.

Our Board

Meet the people behind the scenes.

Behind every truly great organisation, are a group of sold-out, passionate advocates who live and breath the mission and cause they serve. Circuit International is so thankful for the time and heart of these true friends and ambassadors of justice.


Take a look at a couple of our life-changing programmes.
They focus on resourcing and connecting businesses and community programmes in Asia and New Zealand.

Cash Cows for Community Care

With the proceeds from milk of their Friesian cows, Zar Chi and her development team at Loi Lem Baptist Church support and run assistance programmes for the elderly. They raise two Friesian cows which produce ten times more milk than local cows.

Silo Bags Against Debt Slavery

Using a new technology called silo bags, we can help farmers store their crops for six months or more. Farmers control the market prices and can gain at least 70% more income. 

As a grassroots organisation, we need your help to do the best we can do.


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