In Myanmar, your land is your life. More than 60% of the population rely on farming as their main source of income. This is why the loss of land is often one of the root causes of debt slavery and human trafficking.

LCA (Circuit International’s implementing partner) supported us by giving us seed and fertilizer. Our incomes were raised and we were able to support our children to study in Lashio (largest town in Shan state).
— Daw Par Naint

In northern Myanmar we have met many people enslaved on what was their own land because of corrupt business practices and greedy moneylenders.

We are ready to change that.

In 2016 we helped one small community tract of three villages out of a difficult spot by loaning them around $7000 NZD at low interest. This was enough to buy seeds for all the farmers. Around a year later, that community has paid us back in full plus interest. Without this loan Man Kat community would have lost all its land to moneylenders and Chinese corporates. There is also a high chance that their children would have been trafficked. This has certainly been the case for hundreds of others in nearby communities. Recently, Circuit visited a Christian village where almost every girl over the age of 16 was gone. Many, never to be heard from again.


Last year we helped almost 200 households with the $7000 NZD we lent them.  This year we want to help many more.

How are we planning to do this? Together with our local partner in Myanmar (Love Conquers All Foundation [LCA]), we have started a large scale grain bank. At this bank, farmers in need can 'borrow' the seed they need to plant their land, at no interest.

This project works in tandem with our Grain Saver Bags programme to maximise the benefits for the community. Our vision is to transform the economy of an entire region affected by debt slavery and the terrible consequences that come from it.  


We would love you to join us in realising this vision!