Championing entrepreneurship

We help communities in Myanmar solve their own problems by connecting social entrepreneurs to resources, technology and know-how from global experts.

Our partner communities are encouraged to look at poverty issues through an entrepreneurial lens and come up with sustainable solutions themselves.

Start-up funding is offered to businesses and initiatives that will have maximum impact for the whole community. For some examples, check out our Grain Storage Programme or the New Hope Seed Banks.



Our ultimate belief
is that local leaders with local solutions to local problems will end poverty.

Offering sustainable solutions

We provide support to local entrepreneurs, run workshops, facilitate learning, develop initiatives, and provide funding – all with long-term change in mind.

Cemented in best practice, our innovative programmes support local people to build sustainable social enterprises that develop their communities. The goal of these social enterprises is to become completely self-sufficient, so they can “run themselves.”



Encouraging learning

Learning and training is key to ensuring that projects succeed. We run community development workshops on human rights, sustainable agriculture, and international development.

As programmes progress and challenges arise, we develop workshops specifically focused on these emerging issues. Focus is put on learning from mistakes and using learnings to improve all programmes.


Promoting human rights

We believe that all people are inherently equal. Equal participation is encouraged between all members of the community - no matter their gender, age, background and beliefs. We also run training on gender issues, disability rights and how to involve everyone (including children) in the development process.

Current programmes

Our Grain Saver Bags use cutting edge technology to keep crops safe in all environmental conditions. This has resulted in grains being sold at twice the price it was bought for, raising incomes of local farmers and their families.  


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We provide seed and fertiliser to communities and families that are in debt and struggling to make ends meet. Our New Hope Seed Banks partnered with grain saver bags, has both minimised interest rates and increased annual income for farmers by ten times.

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Many farmers have no choice but to grow opium poppies, but sadly many in the community are addicted to opium. The Coffee for Opium Replacement programme offers farmers a viable substitute for growing poppies and reduces problems associated with drug use.

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Successfully completed programmes

We supported a group of social entrepreneurs to do something about the issues affecting their community – drug abuse and elderly neglect. Together we developed our Cash Cows programme, a business model raising dairy cattle and selling milk while using the profits to support these projects

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The New Heaven Learning Centre is a school for special needs children. Here children with disabilities are supported which also helped erase the stigma of disability within the community, so more children with special needs can enjoy happy, healthy lives. We supported the New Heaven Learning Centre to fund an advocacy project, raising awareness of children with special needs in Myanmar.

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