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Championing innovation in the developing world


Circuit International exists to help communities solve their own problems. We do this by connecting social entrepreneurs in in the developing world to resources, technology and business know-how from some of the world’s best.

With support and expertise from fellow Kiwis and others around the world, we have been running life-changing programmes across Southeast Asia for more than 10 years, enabling communities to create their own solutions for sustainable development.

Our programmes are diverse, but all feature innovation and entrepreneurship at their core. Here are just some of them:  

We are helping poor farmers in the Shan State of Myanmar to increase profits on their crops using innovative technology from Sweden. Find out more about our Grain Storage Programme and New Hope Seed Banks.

We are backing social entrepreneurs who want to use the profits from dairy farming to help the elderly in their community. Find out more here. 

We are developing a market for coffee from Myanmar, so more farmers will choose to harvest coffee plants, rather than rely on opium crops to make an income. Find out more here.



Where we work

 Our current programmes are based primarily in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)

After years of civil war and conflict, many families are just beginning to put their lives back together. In fact, more than 200,000 people are still living in temporary camps, after being forced to flee from their homes during the war. Of those, the majority are women and children.

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia with nearly 70% of the people in the rural areas, living below the poverty line. Struggling to make an income and provide for their families, many rural communities become increasingly vulnerable to debt slavery and human trafficking.

After years of working in the country, we realise that the needs are great, but we also know that the potential is even greater.  From finding creative solutions to problems within their communities to running innovative business ventures, we are constantly inspired by the resilience and ingenuity of the people we meet.  

Our Story

Previously known as Partners Relief & Development NZ, we have an established track record of working with some of the world’s most marginalised people.

Over the past ten years, we have completed many successful programmes, focusing on sustainable schools, medical training and community empowerment. 

How We Started

Circuit International (originally Partners Relief and Development NZ) was founded by Stu and Ruth Corlett in 2007.  Stu, Ruth and their family were based in northern Thailand for 15 years, working extensively in Myanmar amongst marginalised people. During this time, they started a number of programmes including community health worker training, sustainable schools supported by sustainable development projects, and various livelihood programmes to increase the income of subsistence farmers.

In 2016, after Stu, Ruth and their family relocated back to Wellington, NZ, the charity was renamed as Circuit International. The name reflects their desire to be closely connected with local people on the ground in Myanmar. 

Circuit is run by a small team of mostly self-funded staff in NZ. In Myanmar, Circuit helped found our partner organisation: Love Conquers All Foundation, which includes dozens of project leaders and volunteers.