North-eastern Myanmar is home to the infamous golden triangle. This area is the world’s second largest producer of opium (the base of heroin) after Afghanistan.

This is a problem for both the countries that receive the exported drugs and inside the region itself. Vast numbers of people within Myanmar are addicted to opium. The social toll is enormous. Circuit International has been concerned about this problem for a long time, but it is a complex issue and implementing solutions is difficult. One creative solution is for communities to grow coffee crops instead of opium.  

Specialty coffee is a high value crop that has the potential to replace opium fields, but it must be correctly grown and processed in order to reach its ‘specialty’ status.

Circuit has connections with a local Shan businessman who wishes to see vast areas of opium farms transplanted.  We also have some strong connections with great coffee growers in the region. Currently, we are looking to develop the market for coffee beans from the region.

We are interested in hearing from NZ based roasters interested in trying out beans from this region.  Email if you are interested.