The production and sale of opium is a major problem internationally. Opium (the base ingredient of heroin) kills thousands of people a year. In some parts of the world, opioid use is literally at epidemic proportions.

Myanmar is the world’s second largest producer of opium crops. Many poor farmers choose opium as a cash crop, because it so easy to cultivate. It is also easy to transport in places where there is poor infrastructure.

 Although growing this crop provides poor farmers a small source of income, the social impact of opium in Myanmar is nothing short of devastating. Most opium users are poor and uneducated. Using opium traps them and their children further in a cycle of poverty and misery. Many users die prematurely unless they can seek help.

Circuit International is hoping to offer poor farmers an alternative to growing opium crops, by growing speciality coffee crops instead. 

We’ve completed the feasibility study for coffee growing in the region, and are planning to roll out this programme fully over the next 12 months. Circuit is currently raising funds for the expansion of the programme.

Will you help us offer poor communities in Myanmar a future without opium?