If you have comments on how we can improve our services provided please feel free to write to

Circuit International has a complaints policy which provides a means of dealing with any complaints in a fair, prompt and understanding manner.

Circuit International provides an open and effective process for handling any grievance or complaint received. Complaints may be received verbally or in writing, but if made verbally are recorded and logged in writing. Any person may lodge a complaint with Circuit International about any matter over which Circuit International has control and that they consider gives grounds for a complaint. All complaints are treated confidentially.

If you are not satisfied with the response to a complaint, you can request that it be taken to the Executive Director, and, if of a sufficiently serious nature, to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Complaints are also an important component of supporter feedback. We will ensure that all feedback is communicated to the appropriate staff, and appropriate actions are taken.

Any complaint alleging breach of the Council for International Development Code of Conduct, please contact the Code of Conduct Committee by email at